100-3C ParkTool Professional Adjustable Linkage Clamp

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Our tried-and-true adjustable linkage clamp design has been a constant companion for professional mechanics around the world for over 50 years, and it still securely holds most traditional seatposts and frames. A great option for assemblers and mechanics who work on older bikes, with dead simple single-lever operation and cable reliefs on both jaws. The 100-3C features solid cast-aluminum construction and durable replaceable clamp covers.




100-3C Features

  • Clamp capacity: tubes from 25 to 41 mm (1″ to 1.6″) diameter
  • Jaw height: 100 mm (4″)
  • Replaceable jaw covers (part #468B)


  • PRS-2, PRS-2OS, PRS-2.2, PRS-2.3
  • PRS-3, PRS-3OS, PRS-3.2, PRS-3.3
  • PRS-5 (manufactured before 6/96)
  • PRS-4, PRS-4OS, PRS-4.2, PRS-4W
  • PRS-12
  • PRS-33, PRS-33.2