Enduro Bearings V-type bearing puller

7.00 sis. KM 22%

″For light-duty bearing removal (hub bearings, etc.).
Not recommended for suspension bearing removal.

Removes cartridge bearings with an inner race ID of 10-25 millimeters. A large screwdriver can be used as a punch from the opposite side (blade placed in the ″″fold″″ of the tool).

A screwdriver can also be used to form a ″″T-Handle″″
(Allowing the bearing to be pulled out from the same side that the puller is installed from).

Please keep in mind that this puller is designed as an inexpensive method for bearing removal. It is not designed for
extended use. If Loctite® or other fixative has been used on
the bearings, this puller may not stand up to the force required to
break the bearings free.″