Jagwire WST026 Sport Needle Driver Insertion Tool

27.00 sis. KM 22%

Installing hydraulic hose fittings shouldn’t be done using a hammer. The delicate brass fittings in the end of a hydraulic hose can be easily crimped or not installed flush with the end of the hose. This results in potentially poor brake performance. The Sport Needle DriverTM is a simple-to-use tool that secures the end of a hydraulic hose and allows for easy and gentle installation of both standard and Torx hose fittings.

  • Screw to install needle fittings flush with the cut end of hydraulic hose
  • Includes double-ended bits for standard needles as well Torx needles, and is held in place magnetically
  • Includes bits for both T8 and T10 Torx fittings
  • Features adjustable clamp tension to ensure the hydraulic hose is secured