ParkTool TS-2Di Dial Indicator Gauge Set

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The TS-2Di mounts directly to most Park Tool Professional Truing Stands and provides precise measurement of a rim’s lateral and radial runout. Each indicator’s specially-designed non-marring tip rides on the sidewall or outer edge of the rim and measures deviations as small as 0.01 mm, displaying the measurement on easy-to-read gauges. The adjustable range markers allow you to set your ideal range of tolerance and visualize exactly how close you are to true perfection.

Includes all mounting hardware.



TS-2Di Features

Compatible with the following Park Tool Professional Truing Stands:

  • TS-2
  • TS-2.2 & TS-2.2P
  • TS-2.3
  • TS-4*
  • TS-4.2*

*The TS-2DI cannot be used at the same time as the caliper fingers on the TS-4 or TS-4.2.