Woom Vienna Rattakell

11.90 sis. KM 22%

So small, yet so loud. The bell is easy to reach with the thumb while keeping the hands safely on the grips. The Vienna bell is like a high-quality brass instrument with its vibrant, sustaining sound that can be heard clearly, even in a noisy environment. Due to the nature of the materials used in the construction of the bell, a patina will develop over the surface of the “metal part”.

– Housing made of brass used for making musical instruments
– The Blue Danube engraving
– Resonates for up to 6 seconds
– Strong and clear sound, easy to hear in the forest and in the city
– Suitable for all woom bikes as well as other bikes with handlebar diameters from 19 mm – 22.2 mm
– 2.5 mm hex key required for installation